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Can I catch the interrupt that changes the radio frequency?

The above question in the title has nothing to do with the radio-frequency detector circuit.
I am using an RTL-SDR (RX312) to listen on a 120.000 Hz radio signal and use this as a reference signal to synchronize a phased array, which is located at different locations around the antenna array.
The RTL-SDR has an internal VFO that can be configured to listen on a frequency which is 5 MHz lower (30.0 kHz in this case).
During testing I noticed that the VFO is not so stable, when I set the RTL-SDR to listen on a 10 kHz wide radio band, the radio signal can deviate more than 30 kHz, which causes a lot of problems when using this signal as a reference for phase-locking.
Normally I would increase the resolution of the VFO to 30.001 kHz, which would be ok. However this is not very convenient because the VFO has a lot of registers and the frequency is already limited to 10 kHz.
Since I am transmitting and listening on the same radio frequency, I wanted to ask if there is a way to detect the transitions of the radio frequency and change the VFO frequency accordingly. If the interrupt is not available for the device I am using, I don’t mind using

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.Self-reported health problems in male Swedish prisoners. A nationwide study.
In this study, we compared the prevalence of self-reported health problems in 6,495 male prisoners to that in the general male population. Information about self-reported health problems was gathered from a register. The prevalence of self-reported health problems in the prisoners was remarkably low and only modestly increased with age. Only musculoskeletal pain and breathlessness were more prevalent in the prisoners than in the general population. In relation to specific diseases, the prisoners had a low prevalence of diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension, but a high prevalence of respiratory symptoms (24%) and eye problems (26%). The prevalence of psychiatric and substance misuse problems was low.Q:

How to add Yum into ubuntu xenial 16.04

Can we install YUM into xenial 16.04.


YUM is short for Yellowdog Updater, Modified for Linux. It’s a frontend to the RPM package manager which is under the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). You can see what version you are running with this command:
apt-cache policy yum

If you are running YUM, you have to add some repository repository to install it. See here.

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