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AutoCAD also runs on AutoCAD 360, a cloud-based version of the software that provides advanced capabilities for engineers, architects, and drafters at a low cost.

There are many features and functions of AutoCAD that can be accomplished by other software applications as well. However, by combining a variety of features found in the AutoCAD application, users can optimize workflows, increase productivity, and save money on equipment.

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD software application and drafting application that runs on the Windows platform and is used for creating, editing, viewing, and annotating 2D and 3D drawings. CAD and drafting software applications come in many forms and sizes. Some are large and complex, while others are small and simple. Most are used to analyze and create 2D and 3D designs. Many CAD applications have specific tasks and purposes. Some CAD software applications are only used to analyze, design, and print 2D drawings.

Other CAD and drafting applications create 2D and 3D drawings, plus perform a variety of other tasks. Some CAD applications are used for both 2D and 3D designs. Some CAD applications perform each task well, while others are poor at performing certain tasks. CAD applications vary widely in features, capabilities, and price. Autodesk offers many different AutoCAD and AutoCAD 360 plans.

AutoCAD is designed to improve the quality of drawings created. AutoCAD applications are designed to allow users to add, edit, or manipulate data and to annotate drawings. Most AutoCAD applications also enable users to create and/or edit 2D and 3D drawings. Users can view, zoom, pan, and print 2D and 3D drawings created with AutoCAD. Some AutoCAD applications can automatically annotate and colorize drawings, while other applications can annotate and colorize drawings in the application or have users manually annotate and colorize drawings. AutoCAD applications also include tools to create sections, dimensions, and texts. Some CAD software applications can automatically merge and align sections to make it easier to view the overall drawing.

The advantages of using AutoCAD are many. User productivity can increase by using AutoCAD. The application enables the use of AutoLISP, which helps reduce programming errors. AutoCAD also has many built-in features, including a dynamic linked library that

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In 2015, Autodesk released “AutoCAD 360”, an open source vector graphics editor. The underlying design tools are based on the 3ds Max and Blender 3D graphics application suites.

2015 feature addition

Several new features were introduced in 2015:

The ability to start a drawing session from an existing drawing. This also makes it possible to import parts of an existing drawing file (as long as those parts are no longer in use) or to open an existing drawing.
The ability to turn individual axis labels, text objects or other objects on or off.
Direct access to the 3D Warehouse through the My Warehouse tab.
The ability to turn on or off the “Track-persistent state” for text objects and property lists. This way, it is possible to continue editing the object after switching between other applications.
The ability to link multiple annotation text styles together.
The ability to print a drawing to a PDF document (making it possible to print a 3D model from within AutoCAD as well as print.PDFs of AutoCAD drawings).
Automatically switch to AutoCAD’s Freeform Editing mode when drawing a new 3D model.
A 2D floating pointer in the 3D view and in the Properties palette. This can be used to visualize a 2D selection rectangle that is offset from the 2D view window and to specify a value when creating a new property.
The ability to specify a path-based reference through a keyword. For example, a reference to the right or top side of a box is specified as “rightside” or “topside”.
The ability to split the view window.
Support for “doubleclicking” on the ribbon to open a contextual menu in the canvas.
Auto-refresh of most of the data on the ribbon when its size is reduced.
Ability to save selections (such as an object layer or a box) as a block and to then edit the block in another drawing.

2015 updates
The Updates 2015 service allows users to install new service packs on their installations of AutoCAD, Onshape, 3ds Max and Inventor.

AutoCAD 2015 was released on August 5, 2015, including a number of updates, such as:

Dynamic input on the ribbon for the Select and Move objects.
The ability to create rectangles from anywhere.
Alias creation from an existing object.
Change the height and width of a rectangle to

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What’s New in the?

Take advantage of AutoCAD’s powerful import and export tools with no more command lines or repetitive manual steps. AutoCAD’s File and Print panels allow you to collect and share feedback with other users directly, without being confined to one type of file format. (video: 1:29 min.)

Improve your own drawing tools with the new markup feature. Just highlight a point or edge and in a matter of seconds, you can mark up your drawing with geometric, text, object, and topology relationships, including changes to thickness and depth of the element, as well as color and linetype. (video: 1:57 min.)

With real-time rendering, rendering to PDF, and presentation with AutoCAD, you can present your drawings or walk through your designs more effectively. Use the new Live Rendering feature to gain valuable insight and valuable in your work. (video: 2:34 min.)

Use AutoCAD’s famous Physics engine to investigate and model your designs, quickly, with comprehensive physics modeling. (video: 3:10 min.)

These new features and more are now available to AutoCAD 2023. Learn more about AutoCAD 2023 and get the most out of your design solution.

Need Help?

For answers to common questions, please watch this video. For further information on these and other AutoCAD improvements, please refer to the

For answers to common questions, please watch this video. For further information on these and other AutoCAD improvements, please refer to the AutoCAD 2023 Highlights page.

What’s New in AutoCAD for Mac 2019

Simplify your work and accelerate your workflow with the new and redesigned user interface in AutoCAD 2019 for Mac.

Newer Workflows with the new interface to your design solutions now and more easily fit into your daily workflow. Quickly design and preview the best print options, print, draw, and walk through your designs. (video: 1:59 min.)

Organize your work with the all-new Darts toolbar. From Planning, Workflow, Review, and other toolbars, to new buttons and controls, this toolbar integrates the entire design process into one location. (video: 2:14 min.)

Streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency with the new tools available in the new Drawing Experience user interface

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Hard Disk: 25 GB
Processor: 3 GHz Dual Core
Hard Disk: 30 GB
Additional Requirements:
Hard Disk 25 GB
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