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This is kind of a strange question.
That’s the expected output:
I have a list of JSON files that looks like this:
“product”: “DVD”,
“disk”: “4.5GB”,
“key”: “FZ9YS.KJ4J.SU2,M,Q2”,
“serial”: “S34D66”

Now I have this variable which I think should be a dictionary:
{“S34D66”: true,
“FZ9YS.KJ4J.SU2,M,Q2”: true

But I don’t think that the way I’m iterating through the files is correct:
for dat in serials:
with open(dat, “r”) as r:
for line in r.readlines():
current_data = json.loads(line)
serial_id = line.split(“,”)[0].strip()
“product”: current_data.get(“product”, “”),
“disk”: current_data.get(“disk”, “”),
“key”: current_data.get(“key”, “”),
“serial”: serial_id

I get:
product: DVD
disk: 4.5GB
key: FZ9YS.KJ4J.SU2,M,Q2

What am I doing wrong?


You’re probably looking for something like:
serial = {}
with open(dat, “r”) as r:
for line in r.readlines():
serial_id = line.strip().split(“,”)[0]

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