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What you want is to use bind()
$fp = fopen(‘dolp.txt’, ‘w’);
$addr = ‘dolp.txt’;
echo “error open file”;

$domain = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’];
$filename = time(). ‘.txt’;
$user = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_USER’];
$data = “Who’s up?

We are ::”. $domain. ” :: “. $ip. ” :: “. $user. ” :: “. $time. ”


fwrite($fp, $data);

And yes, you can really read through a file with bind() and fread().
Example online
PS: add error reporting to the top of your file(s) which will help find errors.
Last updated on.From the section Football

Manchester City have signed Argentinian forward Gabriel Jesus from Palmeiras for a fee of about £27m, rising to about £30m.

Brazilian forward Gabriel is 18 and has also been capped by Argentina at youth level.

Jesus, 19, scored 15 goals in 48 appearances for Palmeiras last season, including one in the club’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

City say the teenager is not eligible to play in this season’s Champions League because of the age requirement.

How will Gabriel Jesus fit into City’s plans?

Jesus has been told he will be released from the Brazilian club and may be eligible to play for the Blues by the end of August.

He arrived in Manchester last Friday and had a medical at the club’s Etihad Stadium base, before signing the four-year contract and undertaking a three-year scholarship.

The aim for the teenager is to break into the first-team at City and then – if he impresses – play in the Champions League.

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