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by Edouard Corrovan
Cited by 19
Spectrum – Simulation and Measurement of AC and DC Current-voltage Characteristics of Photovoltaic Modules.

Then you save the created folder as.txt.
Edit the resulting file to change the starting directory. E.g. Go to My Computer / C / folder where P and D are stored.
cd C:\folder where P and D are stored

Then use any text editor (e.g. Notepad++) to edit the textfile. Here you can change the photovoltaic module information, e.g. P max, D max, V min, V max. The remaining information, e.g. voltage drop, should be formatted similar to the information generated by the software. Save the file as.dat.
After a few hours you should get an image file of the same size as your original image. This should be a compressed jpg file. If the image file is too large, you can save it as a.dat file.

Rufina Sánchez de Zavala

Rufina Sánchez de Zavala (29 January 1914 – 28 July 1943) was a Mexican Viscountess, also known for her work as a journalist and editor of El Diario de la Montaña, a newspaper published in Chihuahua, and as a painter. She was born in Juárez, Chihuahua, and died in Coyoacán, Mexico City.

Rufina Sánchez de Zavala also published books, among them the following:
Los Juegos del Luto (The Games of Loneliness). Mexico: Rufina Sánchez de Zavala and the Eccentric House Press, 1926. (First edition.)
La Amazaña de los Papeles (The Amazement of the Papers). Mexico: Rufina Sánchez de Zavala and the Eccentric House Press, 1936. (First edition).
A mi padre (To My Father). Mexico: Rufina Sánchez de Zavala, 1941.
El Diario de la Montaña (The Mountain Daily). Coyoacán: Editorial Coyoacán, Coyoacán, 1954. (Spanish edition of her newspaper.)
Colegiala de zona 7 (Colegiala

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