HD Online Player (seagull Cbt Answers) PATCHED

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HD Online Player (seagull Cbt Answers)

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NamedQuery Cacheable / Non-Cacheable

For some legacy code in a new application I am rewriting, I need a NamedQuery to access data that is updated daily. In the old application they used to store the data in a local Cache, so to access it they used the Cache keyword to perform an operation that would then be fed back to the Cache in the update method.
This is not an option for me now, as we are now building a new application from scratch and the DAO patterns dont make sense to me for our usage scenario. That said, I need a NamedQuery that will then return cached data.
Can this be done?


Have you considered caching for that scenario?
An example of this approach:

You could also implement your own EHCache, which

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We examined the potential effect of lifetime use of alcohol, tobacco, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on the risk of premenopausal breast cancer in a population-based case-control study conducted in the USA. The study included 609 cases and 613 controls matched by age at diagnosis and place of residence. Cases were women with a first incident diagnosis of primary, in situ, or invasive breast cancer confirmed by pathologic review. Controls were women without cancer. Study measures included use of alcohol, tobacco, and HRT in the 20 years before diagnosis or interview, as well as age at menarche, age at first live birth, number of pregnancies and number of full-term pregnancies, body mass index, history of benign breast disease, and history of estrogen- and/or progesterone-secreting tumors of the ovary. After adjusting for known or suspected breast cancer risk factors, current lifetime alcohol use tended to be associated with higher, and current lifetime smoking with lower, risks of breast cancer. Lifetime HRT use was associated with lower, but not statistically significant, risks of breast cancer. The effects of current lifetime alcohol use and smoking on breast cancer risk did not appear to be independent or to operate through effects on body weight. No dose-response relation was apparent for alcohol use, but there appeared to be a dose-response relation for current smoking.Q:

Linq sub query is too big?

I have a large linq query that looks like this:
if (usedRepsToDo.Count > 0)


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