HD Online Player (tamil Dubbed Movies Free [EXCLUSIVE] Download In)

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HD Online Player (tamil Dubbed Movies Free [EXCLUSIVE] Download In)



HD Online Player (tamil Dubbed Movies Free Download In)

How about visiting one of the great sites here?


08-09 02:15 PM

Thanks Vijendra :D. I had a look at the D.C. site. It seems like a good place. However, I would not suggest signing up for an account as long as you have questions. The way things are done is quite a bit different.

D.C. stands for Discharge Certificate. Once you submit your request for a discharge, the form gets mailed to you along with the D.C. and the I-797 and your application is manually processed.

Vijendra is correct. If you need to have an interview, then your chances of getting a work permit will be slim.

But for all practical purposes I would advise you to just go ahead with the Canada PR application.


06-06 08:12 PM

For USA guy, sorry I would not recommend it to get to Canada with EB2. I have heard that EB3 and EB2 are much more difficult. It is a pity that you would have to pay so much amount in order to get to a country. Hope things turn out well.

TBT (totally bummer the wait). :rolleyes:

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04-29 07:19 PM

Can someone please just post below how to retrieve the software to disable the memory scrub function of a bootable dvd??

I would understand if this was a single usb stick, or maybe even a flash drive. But, how does this apply when it is a multi-use bootable dvd??

Moreover, I can see that Windows is creating a log file at the dvd instead of on the memory stick, so does it remove the dvd, or is it that the dvd is a virtual drive and that is what is getting corrupted??

Does nobody understand what is wrong with all the above?

Thank you for your time.


09-13 06:11 PM

The question is, what is the current Indian policy on EB3 PR, the env. is it possible for ME/EB3 per se.

This was the first comment I saw asking me to elaborate on what I said ( I am in the same boat) and yes please do please don’t take my post as pointing finger to any one else, did

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How to make a dynamic link based on user input in rails

Based on the ‘User’ model, a user with a certain ID will have a corresponding ‘user_id’ which is displayed in the profile like so:

I’m now trying to make the id dynamic so that it looks like:

However, this is what I get:
Started GET “/users/50” for at 2013-03-14 18:32:59 -0400
Processing by UsersController#show as HTML
User Load (0.1ms) SELECT “users”.* FROM “users” WHERE “users”.”id” = 50 LIMIT 1
Rendered users/show.html.erb within layouts/application (2.6ms)
Completed 200 OK in 5ms (Views: 3.5ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

I don’t understand why the ‘user_id’ in my database looks like a string rather than an integer and how to fix this.
(I know I shouldn’t edit the name of the table from my current migration, but I was advised to do so.)


You have to call titleize on the user object that you receive from your controller, in your view.

@user is an instance of a User object and not the value of the attribute user_id, which is probably nil. You’ll have to do something like


mod_rewrite not working

I am developing an in house new site and I want to make a more complex(for me) URL to be easier to remember.
I have been given a few links to look at, and I have used the examples from here – following them I have two URLs that appear to have


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