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Again, it says that the destination file already exists, and there are a couple more tasks there, but i know there is no other software in my pc which is using the exact same space as this.


You do not appear to be extracting to a directory. Whatever command you are executing is extracting to a default directory in the c drive.

Go to: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sounds > Audio.
Click on the Sounds tab, there should be a dropdown list titled Default Sound.
Click on Change, and in the window that opens, select None.
Click OK.

Robert Hoffmann (musician)

Robert Hoffmann (9 April 1951, Marburg – 28 July 2013, Marburg) was an organist and music teacher.

Hoffmann was raised in Marburg. He studied music at the Universities of Vienna and Freiburg, and later took lessons with Hans Ulrich Lapp. He also studied choral conducting with Heinz Neumann, and organ at the Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan.

He taught as a lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Hoffmann played the organ in the churches St. Rupert and St. Peter in Marburg. He also gave piano and organ recitals.

Symphonic compositions
Dovrengswald for organ and orchestra (1985)
Piano concerto (1987)
Nomad for cello and orchestra (1988)
Solo for horn (1989)
Piano Concerto (1989)
Sonata for piano and organ (1990)
Concerto for organ (1991)

Music for the organ
Introitus Litanei (1990)
St. Peter Portrait (1990)
Missa pro omni tempore (1996)
Sequentia (1998)

Vocal works
Oratorio Chorale I (1989)
Oratorio Chorale II (1990)
Oratorio Chorale III (1990)
Cantate I (1990)
Cantate II (1993)

Chamber music
Capriccio for flute (flute, harp and organ) (1982)
Trio for clarinet, horn and piano (1982)
Trio for fl

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