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To foster individual creative expression at Saint Paul’s, a Latin honors college committed to the liberal arts and sciences, we encourage a rich and varied arts curriculum, including theater, music, art, dance and film. The college offers honors courses in the visual arts, music and theatre, allowing students to earn undergraduate degrees in these fields while still developing their academic passions. Students also have the opportunity to earn honors certificates in these and other areas.

Nurturing the Mind and Soul

Gloria Ditkowsky, Saint Paul’s Director of Fine Arts, finds that her passion for the arts has enriched not only her personal life, but her professional career as well. Her creative flair was on display during her involvement with the creative process for the Saint Paul’s College common application: “The application’s very creation was part of the creative process.” In addition to her background in fine arts, Gloria grew up in Los Angeles, studied at Bard College in New York and now serves as Director of Fine Arts at Saint Paul’s. As a dedicated artist, she shares that “All art is creative. It is an application of natural human resources in the service of humanity.”

Gloria’s creativity extends far beyond fine art. On the professional side, she has had a successful career in law, acting, marketing, political advocacy and nonprofit leadership, among other fields. At Saint Paul’s, Gloria aims to expand students’ creative talents, focusing on the use of these resources in the classroom. In addition to her curatorial work at the college and the national level, including the Bard College Museum and Gallery, Gloria finds students are challenged to produce their best work and see it succeed, using the artistic talents God has placed in them. Through the arts, Gloria notes, students develop the ability to share, create and collaborate, fostered by her experience as an artistic producer.

Art, for her, brings out the human spirit. This is exemplified in the ways that artists from all walks of life came together in response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, to create and share their experiences. Gloria points to the way that artists have carried on the art in the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks, as well as enduring the tragedy of losing their friends and colleagues. She also shares a quote from Roger Wilcox, the preeminent American poet: “The greatest power of art

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Archibald Maclellan, M.D., (1628-1699) was a Scottish physician and Royal Physician and private secretary to Queen Mary and King William III.

He was born in Edinburgh, the son of Sir Colin Maclellan of Drummelan and Margaret, daughter of Alexander Stewart, 3rd Earl of Buchan.

On 4 February 1652, he matriculated at the University of Edinburgh. After completing his medical degree, he became a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He was also admitted to the degree of M.D. by the University of Leiden in 1674.

Maclellan became one of the most eminent physicians in Scotland, and he compiled a collection of anatomical plates, prefixed to a new edition of William Turner’s work on surgery.

He was a particular friend of William Hamilton, the Scotch antiquary, and the author of Vindiciae Historicae, and tutor of the youth of William III. Maclellan’s brother-in-law was John Drummond, also an Edinburgh physician. He was a particular friend of Adam Ewing, the poet, who dedicated to him his Poems on several Occasions, and other little Songs and Morals. Maclellan was also a friend of Captain John Urquhart, the translator of Homer.

In 1683, he was chosen as one of the ship-money physicians, and as he took no fee, he was able to devote himself to his profession. In March 1689, he was

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