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Netop Vision Pro Full Crack Kid

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ATLANTA — A massive cyber attack that targeted major U.S. companies has likely been launched by a previously unknown group of Russian hackers, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday. “What started as a set of compromises of our cyber infrastructure is not going to be tolerated and frankly should concern all Americans,” Spicer told reporters at his daily briefing. “That’s exactly why the president took this action today,” he said. “Just the other day, a Moscow-based unit,” Spicer said. “We know they were part of this campaign and this all began with the — a particular unit within the Moscow-based unit.” Who is behind the cyberattack? The National Security Council’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis issued a report Tuesday that attributed the massive cyberattack to Russia. It cited a joint analysis by the U.S. intelligence community and the National Security Agency. The report from the office, however, provides no evidence that the attack was initiated by the Russian government, and previous reports from the intelligence agencies have been much more definitive. The report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, issued Nov. 16, said: “The cyber campaign focused in part on email accounts and a voter registration database in Arizona. … This activity is consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.” Computer security firm Palo Alto Networks, based in Santa Clara, Calif., said a group of hackers had been targeting Republican Party organizations and Democratic National Committee computers since early May, and that it was likely being led by the Russian government. The hackers used Gmail accounts to break into the DNC’s servers and steal emails that were later leaked to the public. The group was also responsible for breaking into computers that belonged to government agencies and releasing information to publicize internal operations. The Pentagon has said the group may have been responsible for the theft of records about cyberweapons. The records were stored on an unclassified network in the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, a defense service that shares information with the Pentagon, CIA and the NSA. Cybersecurity experts said the records were exposed as recently as last week, after a contractor who worked at the Defense Department managed to delete files on an unclassified network and inadvertently expose database information about them. The FBI and Secret Service

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