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You get this error because you have duplicate columns (keys) in your table.
The column with a random number (of atleast 5 characters) is unique, so you have to remove that column.


Setting cookie based on URL in ASP.NET

I want to set a cookie on the basis of the passed url. Using following code I am able to get cookies but i want to get cookies on the basis of what url i pass and not on page load. Is there any way to do so?
string value = “”;
string Domain = “domain.com”;
if (Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.StartsWith(“”))
Response.Cookies[“nopCommerce”].Value = “P”;
value = “I”;


Cookies are sent in the response headers and the response headers in general are only sent in response to a server request.
If you were to send a response from a javascript script to that domain your cookies would be sent in the response to that request. If you were to include the script in a web form to that domain, a page postback would send the cookies you set from the client side back to the server (you might be able to just use Response.Cookies again, but you might have to encode it again since it won’t include the domain in the cookie name).
A redirect is the only request that will send cookies, so as soon as you send a redirect the cookies you set will be sent back to the server.
It looks like you just want to set the cookies when the user requests the domain by hitting a link to that domain (and not adding a link to that domain to a page for users to request directly). You can use the Client side API to set the cookie by reading the response to the request:
SetCookie( string domain, string path, string name, string value, string expire, bool secure, string httpOnly );

Pilot study of sirolimus-eluting-stents versus drug-eluting-stents in patients with stable angina pectoris: E-Study.
Drug-eluting stents (DES) are gaining increasing acceptance as an alternative to coronary

Association between medical records review and self-reporting of pregnancy outcomes.
To compare the accuracy of maternal recall and ascertainment of pregnancy outcomes through a review of medical records with the accuracy of self-report. This cohort study was conducted in prenatal clinics in Los Angeles, Calif, between July and December 1994. A total of 625 women completed a questionnaire that ascertained their pregnancy outcome and were encouraged to obtain a subsequent medical record. Records were obtained from 351 women (58%). One or both records available for review were compared with self-reported outcomes. Prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value were calculated. A total of 1079 live births were documented in the medical records. Self-report was verified in 91% (95% confidence interval [CI], 88%-94%) of singleton live births (performed at > or =24 weeks’ gestation). The sensitivity of self-report was higher among primiparous, African-American women, women with less than a high school education, women with Medicaid coverage, and women with a history of preterm delivery. The specificity was higher among primiparous women. Both methods of ascertaining pregnancy outcomes had good accuracy, but the review of medical records provided more accurate outcomes than patient self-report. This improved accuracy of medical records review provides a practical approach for antenatal care providers to assess outcomes at the time of clinic visits.Q:

MATLAB returning wrong value when performing the logarithm

I’m trying to do a matrix exponentiation and calculate the logarithm for various matrices. The problem I have is with returning a logarithm of zero.
I’m using a matrix exponentiation function similar to the one on Mathworks. I’m initializing a matrix with zeroes, then using this matrix for the calculation:
A_return = logm(logm(A_start_singular), 3);

The problem is that whenever A_start_singular becomes 0, it returns a negative value.
Here’s a portion of the test function:
X=[1 -(1-1e-4)*ones(1,5), (1e-4)*ones(1,5)];

A = arrayfun(@minus, X, 1-1e-5);

A_start_singular = A_



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